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 People came to the HCVets Delphi site in 2008 asking for help on their claims. I had just won so I began offering advice on what I found had worked. It was impossible to keep up with it so we moved the advice section to a forum model shortly afterwards. That rapidly filled up and we also began paying to keep the spammers out. Wordpress came to my attention in 2011 and we made a move there as it was free and spamproof. The graphics are excellent and it easy to move around in. However, the time will come for a new format on the page. Exciting innovations constantly appear and we'd be fools not to embrace them. Conversely, if any of you find something inaccessible or unclear, each posting has a block of small print at the bottom and the word "comments". Clicking on that opens up the comments window if it isn't already. Asknod is now a compendium of authors, lawyers, doctors and P.A.'s who interact to offer advice to pro se Vets who want to do it themselves.


Many feel the connection between the DVA and the  big name Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs)  such as DAV, VFW and AmLeg is far too cozy. We're not conspiracy freaks but you have to admit free rent, free phones, free heat and free access to the RO breeds contempt for what they are supposed to be doing. We become the pawns and the losers when our ratings are bartered like stock on the NYSE. You want to be part of this dealmaking- not informed after the fact. The lack of any legal training is the other obvious shortcoming.

Asknod is simply a repository of "How to" as well as a valuable research area for needed info on jetgun claims for HCV. Additionally, we strive to keep a good library of Agent Orange information as well.

Many Vets Help Sites become a Costco of options. My site was created for that narrow venue of claims for HCV because the disease rears its ugly head 30 years after you get it- with no warning. Try finding a disease that wasn't "invented" until 1989 in your 1967 contemporary service medical records. That's how VA denies you.