I am 62 years old and a Veteran of the Vietnam War.  I served two tours on the Indochinese peninsula in Thailand, Laos and the Republic of Vietnam in the United States Air Force from May 1970 - May 1972.  I have diseases stemming from exposure to Agent Orange as well as the Hepatitis C virus from a transfusion.   In addition, I suffer degenerative disc disease from a fall and an airplane crash.  I filed my first claim with VA in 1989 and lost.   I was eventually successful in 2008 and am now cleaning up their mess from claims never completed in 1994.  I used a pseudonym when I started my VA claims blog and subsequently wrote the book as my claims were still being appealed to the BVA.  The Veterans Administration has shown that they can be very vindictive toward those who criticize. I have no desire to cross swords with them.


  the book


My family

My dad in center,  Lt.  General Gordon M.Graham, USAF ( Colonel in this picture circa 1957 ) and me in front of him.   Mom is on the right and my two sisters flanking each side.  We are all posed with dad's F-100C Super Sabre fighter - bomber.