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 Tangos on the flightline  


 RPG-2 captured near Long Tieng LS20A 9/1970

 Nod lower right in camo. No name, rank, airspeed or tail number

 Long Tieng Airpatch on final

 Dad at Tan Son Nhut AB October 1966

 Detachment B, 7th Radio Research Field Station-Operating Location C, 1980th Comm. Sq. (T-11 in NW Thailand) Note the lack of vegetation due to non-tactical "Roundup" herbicide.

 Departing LS20A 0530 hrs. Fall 1970

 MRC-98 antennas @ T-11 October 1970

 Meo mother and baby on edge of "flightline" @ L-108

Muong Soui near Rte. 7 (Plain of Jars) August 1970

 Taking off from Nakon Phanom (NKP) RTAFB July 1970

 My one and only landing not on a runway April 21st, 1971

 Flight 1601 Opening Day 1 October 1969. Me dead

center in second row behind the TI below me

 Reloading rockets at L-22 Xiang Khouang

 Chuck Engle holding hat under prop hub. Long Tieng October 1970

 Extreme Western Boundary of the DMZ

 Kee-Mao Happy Hour at Ban Nha Khang (LS-36) August 1970

 Pagoda roof in Luang Prabang L-54 August 1970

 T-11 NW Thailand December 1970

 Dad over Germany May 1945 with 16 1/2 Kills

 Old French flying map from the fifties



 RLAF Sergeant on flightline at Wattay (L-08)